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Intensive Moisturizing Re-plumping Serum

Intensive Moisturizing Re-plumping Serum

Deeply nourishes and prevents from the sings of ageing

Formato: Glass bottle with dropper. 30 ml.

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What is it?

A velvety serum with a high concentration of moisturizing and nourishing actives for a face that is immediately more relaxed and smoothed.

Why we love it?

- For its pink and velvety texture - For its immediate soothing effect - For the elegant bottle with dropper that allows to dispense the product according to your wishes. - For the sensation of freshness and softness which leaves onto the skin

For who it is conceived?

For all skin types. It is ideal for enhancing the moisturizing and skin evening effects of your usual cream. Can be used also by young skins. Ideal for skins that are tired or stressed by hectic paces. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, PARABEN FREE, ALLERGEN FREE, GLUTEN FREE

What does it do?

A velvety and soft fluid that easily penetrates into the skin. A real concentrate of actives for an immediate smoothing and nourishing action. This serum contains actives able to synergise the effects of your usual cream. It is a shock treatment with a moisturizing and protective action. The light and comfortable texture envelopes your skin into a molecular veil rich in actives which nourish the skin in depth, providing compactness and elasticity. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and panthenol, this serum quickly normalizes the skin balance, restoring the correct level of skin hydration and combating the formation of wrinkles. BENEFITS - Intensely moisturizes skin - Gives an immediate sensation of freshness - Prevents the signs of time - Quickly eliminates signs of tiredness

Hydroplex is a moisturizing complex that generates a molecular film containing specific and highly moisturizing and regenerating actives, which nourish the skin deeply, making it pleasant to the touch even in extreme conditions. Also, it helps active ingredients to penetrate more effectively into the skin, giving immediate and long-lasting results and making the skin soft and moisturized for long. Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the dermis present in the intercellular spaces, whose main function is skin hydration. Thanks to its excellent ability to absorb and retain water, it restores and maintains the proper hydration level even in low humidity outdoor conditions, by slowing the evaporation process physiologically.

Panthenol has nourishing, soothing and emollient properties. It moisturizes, prevents dryness and brittleness. It’s effective on damaged and dry hair. Thanks to his long-lasting hydration, it increases the resistance of the hair, reducing the damage caused by atmospheric agents or the use of the hair-dryer. It doesn’t irritate your skin.

Take a few drops of serum and warm it for a few seconds in the palms of both hands. Then apply it onto perfectly clean and dry skin, by slightly pressing the palms and proceeding from the center of the face outwards. In this way you will benefit of the aromatic properties of the product. You can also take advantage of its 'cold effect': keep it in the refrigerator and apply a few drops to the face whenever you wish to remove the signs of fatigue before a special occasion.